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Christopher, 43
Incarcerated: 16 years

March 15, 2023

On March 2nd, I found out that my mom, Mary “Red” died. I have a hard time with emotions and how to release them, so much so I punched a wall and messed up my hand. She was the youngest of eight and crazy to boot. She’s Irish and Scottish with red hair and was a kind hearted person. I got my work ethic from her, she could out work anyone. I remember one time she brought me to her labor union job site after I got suspended, and these two fat guys were smoking and talking instead of working. So, she pushed them out of the way and started to dig the trench they were supposed to dig. I jumped in and started to work. Her boss let me work along with her and ended up paying me $8.00 an hour for the 10 hrs I put in. It’s hard to tell you how much I love my mom. I wish her a happy and carefree afterlife.

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  • Laurel S Wilson says:

    I’m sorry, Chris, that you’ve lost your mom. Though I hope you know, a mom never stops being there for her child. She loves you beyond her last breath. When you want to tap into her fun, remember her joy. When you wonder where your strength comes from or need a little boost, recall the fortitude and perseverance she demonstrated to you. and may you continue to honor her in your life, as you have here in this piece of writing, as you move forward. Take care, Laurel

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