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You’re going to be great but I hate to burst your bubble

Before you achieve greatness you’ll get into a lot of trouble

Don’t look at me all dumbfounded

The pain you’re about to go through will change your life

And ultimately keep you grounded

Right now you don’t want to listen to counsel

And you’re doing your hearts’ desire

You’ll soon learn the hard way

That you get burned when you play with fire

In the meantime you’ll shed plenty of tears

You’ll be in and out of that revolving door for over 40 years

You’re young right now so you don’t understand

But I’m the older version of you so I know your plan

I see you spend a lot of time hanging with the fellas 

Too bad your minds eye can’t see

That soon you’ll be betrayed by one of them

Because he’s spiteful and he’s jealous 

Watch who you hang with is often what they tell us

By the way – very soon you’ll be doing time in a place

Called Fred C. Nelles 

You’ll return to the start of the Cocaine Epidemic 

You’ll then fall victim to things that are racial and systematic 

Eventually that gorilla called crack cocaine

Will jump on your back

A dirty test and another crime will take you off track

Three years later you’ll be released from behind the bricks 

Still hanging with the homies and right back in the mix 

Slanging dope and trying to do your best

But your continuous criminal activity

Earned you a cell in Y.T.S. 

Unwilling to change because you think you’re the boss

Eventually you’ll realize

That crime don’t pay it costs

As the world continuously spins 

You’ll learn about the deaths of a lot of your friends 

You know – the ones you’ve known since elementary    

Your fate will be a little different 

You’ll be serving life in the state penitentiary 

While you’re doing hard time you’ll get to the point

Where you start to draw the line

Then the moment will come when you decide 

That your life of crime is over 

You’ll stop doing your own will and call upon the name Jehovah

You’ll start listening to counsel because you’ve learned 

From your mistakes

Sometimes in life going through struggles and hardships 

Is often what it takes 

Now your experience has become your best teacher 

And now you know there’s only a few you can call a friend

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the past

It’s never repeat it again

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