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Life shows up in
A myriad of ways

Such is the ebb
And flow of life.

Basking in one’s idea
Of prosperity? The
Upper echelon? Or
The simple pleasures
Of unrestricted freedom.

Falling prey to seductive
Addictions and lies,
Revelations one comes
To denigrate and despair.

Hiding one’s truth
So damn deep, anger and
Denial are yours
To keep.

Expressed by chance
Or whispered covert

Long decades pass.
Memory suspect.
The older one gets
The better one was.

Each day closer to
Becoming dust.

Redemption waits,
Eager to embrace.

Regardless of
Every waking
Day a gift.

A blessing
Often taken
For granted.

Either one retreats
From life, or
Expands on it.

Such is the ebb
And flow of life.

Kelvin, 60 Incarcerated: 17 years Housed: San Quentin State Prison, California

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