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Michael, 37

Incarcerated: 4 years

Housed: High Desert State Prison, California

“Living For Me”

I live for the future

Because there’s always change

Hindered by the bars,

And I still think long range

This is about me,

But more about humanity

Cuz I have what it takes,

To create a new reality

Suffering in the world,

Where love is still provided

Like families self-destructed,

But hurt has been divided

Finding their way back,

And looking for a new hope

It’s a game of not giving up,

Or deal just to cope

Don’t fight with your mind,

Or battle with your heart

Like being distance from your kids,

On a path of a painful start

Open your heart and eyes,

So you will truly see

It’s the mind that’s your strength,

Anda  reminder to say

I’m living for me

“Let Go”

Think about what hurts,

And what you’ve built in the past

Like being your own enemy,

With pain that will last

Understand how you feel,

And communicate with your emotion

Meditate with self-reflect,

And faith you’ll find devotion

Your nerves will calm,

Like a ocean without waves

Confusion yourself in suppose,

with a heart of changing ways

Clear in your mind,

With nothing to hold on

Just you and yo love,

Because you knew you were strong

Going to sleep happy,

And waking up without pain

Refusing to dwell on something,

Because what you’ve gained

Getting responses fluently,

Not knowing how it would show

All the while moving forward,

Cuz the whole time you

let go

“Love Without Bars”

In there when you wake up

All you’ll notice is a gate

And forgotten by the free world

With self love as you fate

At times you’ll feel stress

Feeling like nobody cares

Praying for something better

But inside your the only one there

With a state of confusion

Because I still talk to my family

Knowing what’s for the world

That’s love for the best of we

Like trying to find peace

Digging for clear path of hope

But only discovering who

True self of love only to cope

Cause a war what’s already won

With love, it’s not a battle

Cause inside we’re like animals

And fed like destroyed cattle

So finding love is worth it

Cause you’ll disappear all the scars

Without losing in faith

And love without bars

“Left What Can’t Be Remembered”      

I have dealt with the most

And cried tears with the best

Some things to get over

Which will leave you with nothing less

You’ll find it in your heart

And deep within your soul

Seeking what’s in the future

Without looking low

Because it’s a path to be taken

And that’s love at the end 

Something not in the past

Cause the future is where you’ve been

Never losing hope

To only find love inside 

Its self battling worth

To move forward without a lie

Creating your own destiny

And looking into the real future

With the power of training thought

And the choice for you to nurture

So reading my own thoughts

Returned back to the sender

Is the beginning of a start

That’s left what can’t be remembered

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