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Robert, 45

Incarcerated: 26 years

Robert’s three paintings above will be for sale along with 41 pieces painted by people inside SQ. 👀for our auction. If you can, please stop by our office to see them in person!

Artwork descriptions:
Hope Nots (Heart Strings)
I believe when someone gives you their heart, there’s a connection that time and distance can not separate. In my “Hope Nots’ ‘ painting I made that connection visible with string. This painting reminds me of how much I miss Holland.

Giraffe (Stand Tall)
The Dirty Heads have a song called “Stand Tall”. It’s one of my favorites and got stuck in my head while I was sketching the giraffe.

64 Impala (Sunset)
What’s my motivation? Someday I’ll be out there sitting on the hood of a 64 watching a beautiful sunset…… right after I learn how to drive.

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