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Candice, 42
Incarcerated: 2 years
Housed: Fluvanna Correctional Center, Virginia


If pain was a person,

Then I would be her

All this madness in my head,

I’m searching for a cure

Through smoke, coke and injections,

It’s my family that I’m affecting

I’m the one who is regretting

All my mistakes and flaws

I had to stand tall

Was taught never to fall

To all my haters

“Bless all of y’all”

I’m still here

Through all the tears

Still doing years

Behind bars

Was it worth it

The money and all them shiny cars?

“Hell no”

Just at that point in my life,

I didn’t know which way to go

Everyone’s love was just for show

It was an easy way to the dough

Wouldn’t you know.

Ain’t that the way life sometimes goes?

Looking at my past

Wondering how long I’m gonna last

To make amends

To my family and very few friends

I want my life peaceful

When it comes to an end

But from here

Is where my new life begins

I will defeat this monster

I promise, I will win!


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