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Is it just another day or something to think of in this special kind of way….

Have you ever been so into somebody that you couldn’t look away?

Have you ever trusted someone so much it kept all your fears at bay?

And if I could make you feel 

like you ain’t ever felt before 

would it make you want to stay?

Valentines I believe is not just another day 

but something to think of in this special kind of way.

Simple but sweet 

a friendship like ours is hard to bear, und




My favorite memory is of a love from the past. 

I was living life all wrong and moving way too fast, 

drugs, alcohol and broken promises; it just wouldn’t last. 

Rachel was a single mother of two and she had a love so true. 

I always remember her telling me “there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.” 

No matter what I did and how hard I tried 

every night on the phone she cried 

“please stop, I’m begging you Bo”. 

But the drugs had me blinded and I couldn’t say NO!

 Everything I had ever wanted and I just let it all go, 

now I’m left wishing and I just want her to know.

This is my biggest regret 

and she’s a memory I’ll never forget,

a huge heart and pretty black hair, 

her brown eyes and that beautiful stare.

She’d still be mine had I’d shown her that I care.

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