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The Love Child

After nine months the time was right
a child was born in God’s sweet sight
Now who’s to know the child’s destination
after all, life is filled with Satan’s temptation
One day an argument a yelling a fight
six kids one mom off into the night
After days of travel, a stop at a phone
confirmed the fact that this is now home
Five siblings, one mom in a two-bedroom flat
New schools, new families, new faces, all black
Times are hard and things get rough
But school is cool and he likes to learn
But once back home there’s stripes to earn
He begins to indulge in beer, girls and weed
Now part of a gang with no drive to succeed
He still likes school but loves to clown
After graduation, he looks for work
It doesn’t last long for his boss is a jerk
Money, beer, girls and sin
Red and blue lights, the beginning of the end
Three messed up meals, free clothes and a hole in the wall to stay
An uncomfortable bed, the only place to lay
Thoughts and memories all on file, as the pain, the hurt, the love, the child.

Life Is a Circle

Life is a circle and inside it, everything evolves
What comes around goes around is nature’s biggest law.
Like the sun and the moon, both no choice do they have.
Even the earth spins around my friends and follows its own path.
At the clouds in the sky and knew without a doubt, I’d see them again before I die.
Like the trees from the ground return to seed, it will be a tree again, and this you can believe.
Or like a man who’s broke and down on his luck, he gives his last few pennies and finds a million bucks.
Or the man who kills another, the biggest human crime.
He’s killed in a prison riot, it comes around all in time.
In this world that we like to know as life, whoever you see once, you’re bound to see them twice.
I’ll hold onto my faith, my love and peace be found.
I’ll be back with you again my love when turns back around.

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