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Incarcerated: 27 years

Tell us when you first became interested in art?

It’s a really funny story, how I fell in love with art. When I was nine, my father had a friend who was a painter. At the time my family had just moved into a new house and the friend gave my father a painting. It was so amazing to me. The painting had such lifelike characteristics. I was hooked. It’s so funny to think about it now, I would get up close to it and look at it from the side to see if somehow it bulged out to trick the eye into seeing that. I had to figure it out. I guess in one sense I have been chasing that image ever since. Since then art has been a refuge, a companion and more importantly a connection to others. The ability to bring others together is the most satisfying part for me. Most of the affection my work has gotten has come recently. Because of you, my art has received more attention and the feedback from others has been so positive. I’m falling in love with it all over again. I thank you from my heart, God bless you. Finally, for another time, there is another aspect to my art: this story is the very essence of irony and fate. Again God bless you all.

One Comment

  • Annelies Atchley says:

    I absolutely love your art. Thank you for working so hard on it. I love the drawings and wish I could do it. I was told by a teacher, when I was in 4th grade that I should never take a pencil in my hands because I couldn’t draw. I wanted to draw all my life and I guess I down’ do it because of that. I try but I’m stuck! I can teach drawing and have all my teaching courier and the children do very well and my drawing in front of them and for them is great but I can’t draw for myself or by myself. So good for you, you are great.

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