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To the Wicked

Creating a lifetime
Full of haunting memories
Not even a hurricane storm
Can produce enough rain drops
To compare to the painful tear drops
My victims must cry.
Breaking the Golden Rule.
I violated your safe guard,
Your right to live life as a human being.
Never could I personify
The nightmare you must live with.
My own family is ashamed
Of my cancerous actions.
There’s no – undoing
Of the broken hearts
I deliberately shattered.
To everyone
Who is walking a destructive path.
Understand that you can always
Replace another person’s things and objects.
When you take a precious life
Like I regretfully did.
Never could you give back
Or restore a precious life you stole.
Life Without Parole (LWOP)
Is a small price I must pay.
Fully paying your debt to society
Will be impossible to fulfill.
Countless overpowering pang
That forever burns in the minds of the connected communal
Is far greater than just making amends.
A dedication to the Road of redemption takes self-sacrifice of your own Life.
While I wait to slowly perish
‘Death by Decay’
Is my payment towards Rehabilitation.
I hope you make changes before it’s too late for your Salvation.


Tears Of A Dead Man

They say,
“Hard times make a strong mind.”
If that’s so,
Can anyone tell me why,
After 22 years, I still cry?
“Big Boys Don’t Cry.”
I know that’s a lie!
I’m constantly breaking up fights.
Physically breaking down,
I battle with my spirit
Not to leave Earth!
Continuously tear my heart into pieces.
Worst of all,
My very own soul
Wants to leave me behind.
My very own soul wants to leave me behind!
Dying in slow motion.
I’m already considered dead to the world.
Dead to the world!
‘Death by Decay’
Is how I’m expected to die.
Expected to die, Damn!
Even hard times make a dead man


Lethal Injection

I never knew
I had a long shelf life.
Because watching myself battle with expiration
Is such a difficult war.
“Better seek God”,
They say,
“Maybe He can save you.”
What do I need God for???
I was placed in hell for all these years!
“Only God can judge me”
But the American people have spoken.
Their judgment is “Death by Decay”!
A death penalty of Life without Parole [LWOP] This is their calculated Fate for me,
A Lethal Injection of slowly falling apart
And breaking down into rotten pieces.
I must die aging from a teenager
To a hopeless old man.
Decades have passed while I wait
To be returned to my family
In a form of


Life WithOut Purpose
That’s their calculated plan
For and you.
We are people!
So lets prove to them
As Humans
We are capable of change
Like them too.
I still have a beating heart
No Abortion.
A poor choice
Does not make me Toxic Waste
I am with purpose
To be one
With your grace.

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