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“I write to free the child within me.” Larry “Ali” Deminter is the author (under the pen name Ali Moseley) of the novel: “Broken Wing” and a chapbook, “Words Never Got Spoken: How I Remember Juvenile Hall.”

His work also appeared in the Harvard Journal of African American Policy; vol. 2018-19, Columbia’s Exchange Magazine vol.2, Colossus: Freedom (Anthology), Silent Screams: Voices From Uncharted Territory (Anthology), Anthology (published by the William James Foundation), Beat Within Magazine, and other various essays at Tufts University (Resentencing Journal), and Cal State – Los Angeles.

The author shares his introduction into juvenile hall and the experiences that shaped the person he would later become. Words I Never Got Spoken is heart-warming, raw, poetic, sometimes humorous; but most importantly you will be drawn into Mr. Moseley’s adventure behind the walls as a juvenile.

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