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It’s about 100% and rising
It’s a hot summer night
Spanish Moss hitting me in my face
The hot air blowing past me…
Yeah… blowing, cause I’m moving fast
you see
I gotta hurry up… because that feeling
has left me
I gotta get it back, whatever it takes
Trying to chase this feeling… I’m about
to make a lot of mistakes
Mistake? Oh no, doing what I need to do
to get this feeling, the word “mistake” is
gonna be too small
I’m gonna have to pay a high price…
‘Cause I need it all.
Yeah… all of it, taking me through and
To places that I don’t fit
Unmanageability won’t leave me alone
Got credit card collectors calling my phone
Obsession just wont let me win
I’m never prepared when it kicks in.

Compulsion just won’t let me see
What this thing called addiction is doing to me
To Control is its goal, no doubt
That’s okay, I’ll just get anger to help me out
This is too much dam work and I’m not getting paid
Addiction doesn’t care about the havoc it
causes for you and me.
It knows the best kept secret is that.
…Surrender is the Key

I’m Here, Now What

I can’t move my hands and feet
I’m about to face my own defeat
My hands and feet are shackled tight
I ran out of time to make life right
My mind is still, I don’t know what I feel
Wanting to pinch myself, to make sure this is real
23 years of utter confinement
Because I caused such detriment
Me… yeah me
The mother always fighting for a cause
Getting too overwhelmed with life
I broke my own laws
Now I’m on an unfamiliar journey, my shackles are removed, they’re letting me take a shower,
The only thing I can think of is… how will I make it through this hour.
… Now What?

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