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Little smiles small kisses
tiny feet mini hugs
Blessed? Outdrawn by BIG LOVE?
Raising impressionables
blank canvases in process.
I couldn’t bear witness from my small bleached world
as if embarrassed by my colorblindness

The costly season – all the pale illusions torn to pieces.
Why is everything possible as it fades?
Last night I dreamed in backwards
of BIG LOVE – a reckoning with the impressionables
holding vivid tapestries in every shade of healing
Little smiles small kisses
I don’t mind these dreams so much
they give the former things in my head color
tiny feet mini hugs
I can’t draw an unbroken future without those details.

The Situationists

No one knows exactly how it happens – how it all turns so ugly
Unreliable inner maps defunded characters broken human
Contracts from broken homes where only the broken thrive
We become the archetypes martyred to the dark
The wounds fall upward––from the roots––covering us in
The detritus of crisis, mocking emotions, “ifs” …
But we are not lost. The ethos of darkness tells stories
Of winning yet this is another desperate fiction
We are situationists, anchored only by our
unmastered hearts
Reclaim your disowned brilliance. Claw your way out of the chasm of cruelty’s gravity
Breakthrough – affirm the surface as your obvious birthright!
Come defiantly out of the shadowy past – it doesn’t keep its promise
Denounce the hypocrisy of the midnights, its suffering isn’t ours to keep.
Take back your life
Glow. Like 3400 Suns
Now. Blink seven times, let your eyes adjust
After all, you’ve never studied the language of Restoration
Now. Do you see your future self?
Shine your way to him every day

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