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To me Love is Ambiguous.

Love can be the reason I am living, or at times, why I feel like dying.

Love has been the light in the abyss of darkness and confusion.

Love is the reason why the world stands in solidarity with Ukraine: As a child of civil war, I can say I feel your pain, fear, anger, and confusion in not understanding why these world leaders allow such an injustice to continue.

I say to Putin, Love will conquer all, your hatred for Ukraine will not go unnoticed, and neither will your evil ways take away the love that we all share.

Traumas will come for the innocent children, who are enduring all this hatred dodging errant bullets across lifeless skies.

I say to you please don’t let your pain and anger towards all the injustice that you are now living take away the beauty of being a child. Give yourself the chance to be one, live accordingly to what a child is to be, do not rob yourself of your inner innocence. As a child, I survived the wrath of war and got lost and became defiant to the love that was there, but I could not see it as I normalized violence.

Please don’t lose hope or yourself in the quest for survival.

You will someday reflect on all your traumas and the things or the relatives that were taken from you., This should not be the reason why you are going to give up.

Before my adolescence came I perished mentally, emotionally feeling trapped and all alone, please don’t be afraid to ask for help when you feel down or helpless.
Love is stronger than hate, it has its own ingredients; compassion, empathy, and unity in the midst of darkness.

As Black Sabbath put it in one of their songs, “War Pigs,” I ask myself where is the love, as innocent civilians are being murdered. Why can’t we all just stop and find a solution to all the genocide before our eyes, an agenda driven by evil leaders.

I say to the world please let us not normalize the violence that is going on in Ukraine before it ceases to exist.

Love has bestowed the ability upon me to recognize and to heal from my youth and troubled days, as I overcame the Cold War in a small country called El Salvador.

Let us not forget the 80’s and 90’s. I too dodged bullets during my innocence.

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