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Cerebral Agilities

Impeccable arrogance derives from Cerebral Agilities
Givin’ abilities to continue an attack
On betterin’ oneself
For societies havin’
Mentalities of – Kamikaze Pilots.
Cerebral Agilities let the world see
Black in more than smoke,
Not letting oneself be
Victimized by outlawed choke….
OH SHIIIIT!!! My chains are broken! I’m addictive like
Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol heroin and coke,
Unlike others, I’m not loced,
Nor cruisin to be yoked by the crazed
Uniformed joke swinging’ a rope.
Cerebral Agilities got me leapin’ to my goal.

Doubt and Fear

Hope sinks like the Titanic!
Doubt of a sincere love causes panic,
Feelings and thoughts of doom…
Loom in my hard heart, weed-filled mind.
Was selfish that damn blinding
For me not to see I’ve
Crossed Love’s/Hate’s thin line?
Not a moment goes by without you there,
Sleep hides me from constant fear,
That my sly-ass was once
Too often too clever,
Without you, I must wonder…
Will I have another endeavor,
Not just today, but forever?
Where are you?
What are you?
Why aren’t you here
Helping me dump ass this
Unneeded, unwanted
Doubt and fear?

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