Growing up in a gang neighborhood I attached myself to that lifestyle. It eventually led me in and out of six different prisons. Today I’m on death row for a crime I didn’t commit. Now I wait on the justice system to give back my freedom. While I sit here confined and waiting on the process to come to light, I live in this hell hole of a place.

I’m often asked, how can I smile so much when I’m on death row for a crime I didn’t do and so I tell them: it’s my faith in Jesus. If I didn’t have my Christian faith I would be lost like so many of the guys in here. I still see some light at the end of my tunnel. I could easily be mad at the court system, the jury or GOD, but I changed my way of thinking into something positive.

I started writing books about my time in prisons and my gang life. And being on death row for 25 years. I tell you it didn’t come easy. I have five self-published books on Amazon with three more completed and two on the way, all will be published in May 2022. I’ll be the only person on any death row to have ten books published. And I did them all in this one cell.

I call what I’m doing “THE J-PLAN” (The Jesus Plan) because my plan didn’t work at the start of my writing. Initially, people ran off with my books and money, but I’ve learned I had to trust someone out there. I’m also in school, two classes away from getting my AA Degree and a business certificate. I’m doing all this with Dyslexia, a learning disability. So yes my faith in the Lord, in this dark place has made me the man I am today.

I can say with a smile on my face “I’M TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED” yes-even on death row:). I say to all that it’s not over as long as you’re walking this earth and I’m going to leave a legacy. 📸 Albert’s personal collection

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