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Shawnda, 43
Incarcerated: 2 years
Housed: Wyoming Women’s Center, Lusk

Broken Heart

When you don’t have anyone to call home to anymore
And everyones completely walked out the door
The loneliness breaks your heart so deep
All you can do now is weep and weep
So sorry you hurt everyone around you

Now they’re all through
There was no reason for you at all
Only for people to watch you fall
If only you could have done what it takes
Instead of making so many mistakes
My husband just walked out on me
Is this the way lifes supposed to be?
Lost my Mother, Father, Brother, Sisters,
Children, now my love.
Oh Lord help me up above
The pain of it all is becoming unbearable
Death would not be so terrible
God would you bring me close?

Or deny me and say I’ve done the most
I hate grief, loss and tears
I put up with this for so many years.
I plead with God everyday
To take this heavy pain away
I want to just lay here and die
Let life pass me by

What a horrible job I’ve done
All this guilt and shame weigh a ton
My heart is broken, my spirit is tore
It feels like I can’t do life anymore
I’m sick of all this hurt and pain
No rainbows after the rain

Because all is lost for me
Everyone has just let me be

I made too many mistakes to be forgiven
This life ain’t worth livin’
God please bring me some light
In my dark world of night.

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