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Whitney, 33
Incarcerated: 3 years
Housed: McPherson Unit, Newport, Arkansas

New Life

I have nothing that would make you love me
No good or cool words you see
My popularity level is down to zero percent
My pants pocket are broken dense
Behold the beauty of my face
Without makeup to replace
My charge is not as low as yours
But my Grace is not poor
The inside of me is filled with Christ
He is in the midst coming with the cloud
With the sound of trumpets his voice will be loud
What a glorious day I can’t even imagine
To wonder what my body would feel or look like
Knowing my grief I would fall down to my knees
Begging Jesus to forgive me please
I know I have done nothing to deserve your love
No good or humble words
My righteousness is found only in you
My riches and jewels are yours too
Behold the beauty of the Lord
He is full of saving grace
My charge has been erased
Freedom from myself at last

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