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Jose, 34
Incarcerated: 14 years
Housed: High Desert State Prison, Susanville, California

Bury Us

Bury us in a sunless pit of obscurity,
Imprisoning flaws mercilessly,
Isolating guardrails which hold us back,
Guardrails on the wrong path, journeys on the wrong track
Suitable circumstances reveal opportunity.

Breaking out of hard shells make known abilities,
We share potential, divine humans
In order to grow, we must crack
Bury us.

In a nourishing environment, enhancing capabilities
Growing into trees of fruit, shade, life saving properties
Ascended from murky conditioning, odds stacked
Emerged from unlit cocoons, past at our backs
Transformed into polished pillars of heavenly qualities.
The smallest of light has great magnitude in darkness,
Bury us.

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