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They got my body not my brain
I still got the freedom of thought

Tried to break the chain
But you can’t lead if you lost

Fina tighten up my game
Au my it’s gettin’ crossed

Au my it’s gettin’ dotted

What I’m goin’ through aint permanent it’s a transition
Palms itchin’ like percocets in my body

Feel like my faith grown’
Tell the naysayers stop hatin’ start prayin’ for me

I got a daughter to raise
Still a father from a far ‘cause I still make a way

All the money I sent home got saved and built interest

You a smoker on the street
In jail you a politician

That don’t make you a man
Man listen…

Real men take care of they families and they children

They got my body not my brain
I still got freedom of choice

As long as I can strike a kite or make a call
I still got a voice

So i speak power to truth

Exercise and eat food
This like the fountain of youth

Take the good with the bad
And do what I can with what I have where I am

I am

A kind in confinement
Adapt to the crisis

It’s like my senses was heightened
Could feel your vibe from a distance

Reconstruct before I self-destruct

Remain resilient.

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