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If there is a chance for us would you take it

From the inside to cultivate hope to make it

Every good ending has a start

Touch my heart to give a spark

We can stand together through the hands of time

With a man refined to share your mind

Until I walk out these gates for us to spend time

Unwind embrace with your hands in mine

My hands in yours no gates no locked doors

Just an open heart right next to yours

Close together so that we can soar

Underneath this prison number is so much more

Underneath this prison garb is a heart that’s pure

Two of the same hearts = mucho amor

My heart waits for someone to adore

To show my faith and to care for

With patience, honesty, and dedication in store

With the passion to reach our deepest core

Reach inside to start the beginning stages

And we can fill in the rest of the pages

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