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Alisa, 22
Incarcerated: 1 year
Housed: Arkansas Department of Corrections, McPherson Women’s Unit


Still Standing

Worldly downfalls turned into growth

When you set your mind on things above 

instead of things below 

you’ll start to see a change 

and recognize your growth 

I’ve been battling with demons all my life 

stuck in depression 

I fell into the ways of the world 

and quickly got taught a lesson 

our trials and tribulations 

come with a hidden message 

and in our toughest times 

God has already lined up a blessing

don’t fall for Satan’s Tests 

keep your mind focused on the word 

and cry out to God and watch his love unfold

trials they gonna come 

and people are gonna fold 

but God 

he stays the same 

and he’ll never let us go 

stories are going to be told about me 

but that’s ok 

because people are going to have something to say 

even if they barely know my name 

the only person whose opinion matters

is the one above 

before he sent his son to die for us 

we were all dust 

so don’t judge 

because you don’t know what she’s been through

and if you walked a mile in her shoes 

who’s to say you’d made it through 

my lifes not over 

it’s just beginning 

prison broke me 

but I’m still standing 

thank God

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