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I saw on the evening news tonight,

how a meteorologist was giving insight.

 It was a serious, somber, scary tune, 

he said a big storm was coming soon.


Mother Nature sent her wrath,

Louisiana in its path.

All Their dirt has turned to mud,

 another dreaded earthly flood!


So much rain; so much pain,

Another unwanted visit from a hurricane!

Vicious winds to uproot trees,

Bringing locals to their knees,


Downed power lines and telephone poles,

bleeding hearts and broken souls.

A neighborhood turned into a pile of rubble,

Who could have imagined this much trouble?

Bourbon Street has disappeared,

Just what everyone had feared.

For such a famous part of town,

Now there’s not anyone around.


Once again, they must all rebuild,

I wonder how many this one killed?

Families searching for their kin,

They wait for the rescue to begin.

How many tears must one state shed?

Only future hardships lie ahead.

Nothing is easy when everything is wet…

From another storm they won’t forget.

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