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In order to raise stronger men and women
We have to nurture. Protect and invest wisely in them.

Setting strong examples for the youth to follow-
Teaching them depth of character-Not being shallow.

The KEY is education and being a consistent, loving presence in their lives.
Ending GANG VIOLENCE. The senseless killing with guns and knives.

MENTORING THE YOUTH-showing them correctly right from wrong.
Instilling good work ethics so their rap sheets aren’t long.

Stressing the importance of a hard earned dollar-
Being pleased with the works of their own 2 hands—HOLLA!

Training a child up in the way they should go-
Disciplining them lovingly helps them to grow.

Our youth are the future – THE NEXT GENERATION
Responsibility and accountability 4 ALL
To improve this GREAT NATION!


Listen here now obstacles…
Though you seek to deter me
I’ll go over, around and through-
I refuse to be discouraged or shut down by you!

Struggles in life have made me skilled in navigation
Learning how to maneuver, regroup and move forward-
NOT being crippled by stagnation

Triumphant amid injustice, abuse and sorrow
Many times NOT even wanting to see tomorrow
My experiences made me who I am today
I trusted in My Savior to show my the way

What sought to DESTROY me
I thankfully persevered and overcame
FINALLY coming to a place of HEALING
My life JOYFULLY will NEVER be the same!


FORGIVE as you have been forgiven-
Make amends while you are still living.

Don’t allow grudges to hold you back-
Bitterness causes you to go off track.

Allow love in your heart to let healing begin-
Harboring hatred is a most deadly sin.

Unforgiveness separates us from others-
We’re God’s children; sisters and brothers.

Do something nice for someone who’s hurt you
Show them kindness and mercy – at least try to.

It’s a difficult task but so worth your while-
Who knows-give it a shot to make them smile.

You may restore the relationship – if it was broken –
Granting their secret wish which was unspoken.

Break down the walls with prayer, kind acts and love
Apology gladly accepted – with blessings from above!

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