Incarcerated: 8 years

Housed: Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, New York

I am an inspiring writer who has been utterly transformed through my incarceration. I have gone from a victim mentality to victorious overcomer. I have suffered abandonment from my family to gaining a new family. I advocate for empowerment through my writing crusade and personal struggles. It’s not only helped myself but helped others. Through the blessing of this experience I’ve become stronger, more resilient and more motivated than ever before. Giving back has made  me a part of something larger than myself. Through my interactions and observations I feel I now have a means to impart change in the corrections department. I am thriving and the best part is I’m helping others thrive too. The joy of having persons express to me how my work has helped them hang in or lifted their spirits is the cherry on top of my beyond blessed incarcerated life.

In order to raise stronger men and women
We have to nurture. Protect and invest wisely in them.

Setting strong examples for the youth to follow-
Teaching them depth of character-Not being shallow.

The KEY is education and being a consistent, loving presence in their lives.
Ending GANG VIOLENCE. The senseless killing with guns and knives.

MENTORING THE YOUTH-showing them correctly right from wrong.
Instilling good work ethics so their rap sheets aren’t long.

Stressing the importance of a hard earned dollar-
Being pleased with the works of their own 2 hands—HOLLA!

Training a child up in the way they should go-
Disciplining them lovingly helps them to grow.

Our youth are the future – THE NEXT GENERATION
Responsibility and accountability 4 ALL
To improve this GREAT NATION!


Listen here now obstacles…
Though you seek to deter me
I’ll go over, around and through-
I refuse to be discouraged or shut down by you!

Struggles in life have made me skilled in navigation
Learning how to maneuver, regroup and move forward-
NOT being crippled by stagnation

Triumphant amid injustice, abuse and sorrow
Many times NOT even wanting to see tomorrow
My experiences made me who I am today
I trusted in My Savior to show my the way

What sought to DESTROY me
I thankfully persevered and overcame
FINALLY coming to a place of HEALING
My life JOYFULLY will NEVER be the same!


FORGIVE as you have been forgiven-
Make amends while you are still living.

Don’t allow grudges to hold you back-
Bitterness causes you to go off track.

Allow love in your heart to let healing begin-
Harboring hatred is a most deadly sin.

Unforgiveness separates us from others-
We’re God’s children; sisters and brothers.

Do something nice for someone who’s hurt you
Show them kindness and mercy – at least try to.

It’s a difficult task but so worth your while-
Who knows-give it a shot to make them smile.

You may restore the relationship – if it was broken –
Granting their secret wish which was unspoken.

Break down the walls with prayer, kind acts and love
Apology gladly accepted – with blessings from above!


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