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Video Transcript

Diane: Would you say there was a moment when you were in here of transformation?

Lovette: Yes, it was like I had an epiphany. It was like the lightbulb came on. It was just a shift in my whole life. It was a turning point. It set me on the right track.

Diane: Will you share it with us?

Lovette: Yes! I basically was sitting alone with a pamphlet that one of the chaplains gave me, and I started doing an inventory. I started saying to myself, “You know what…” I started writing down on paper all the things that I was grateful for. All the things that I had. All the blessings that I had. Then I was like, “Oh my gosh, here I am, dwelling on who doesn’t come to see me. Who doesn’t this- who doesn’t that. But lo’ and behold, I had this huge list of all of the blessings and the good things. So let me start dwelling really on the good things!” and like I said, it was like an epiphany. Poof! It was wonderful!

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