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“It’s War”

So many wish to see me confined till die
27 years and Ozomatli still alive
Haters seen my freedom harshly took
75 years is what’s written on Da’ books
18 years old
Living amongst killers, rapist and the crooked list goes
It’s all good though
This justice system simply made me wiser
Thought they could
Lock me down
Break me down
Little d0 they know
This young heart and mind are stronger
Now 46 years of age
This is what drives me
To live and live and age

23 hours confined in this prison cell
Dark moments creep in my mind
Isolation makes me lose my mind
Surely to make a man go mentally blind
Can you read between the lines
This soldier G is at war
In this battlefield
I can see and hear
Pepper gas and many fall
Puncture wounds with shanks on flesh
Razor blades cutting throats and veins
Broken souls poppin’ pills to escape this place
Sheet ropes on throats
Correction officers breaking body, bones and souls
The list goes on and on
Justice system speak of “Rehabilitation”?
I refuse
I refuse to lose this War!

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