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Frozen in a block of steel
Where has the days gone,
When did the nights end.
Was there ever a dawn?
Just yesterday,
I sat and watched my kids play.
Now today,
They sit and watch their kids play.
From dusk to dawn,
Somewhere in between
28, 55, blink!
This is not a football play.
So many days are gone,
Where, when, why and how.
Where has the days gone?

Fairy Tail

When I wake up out of my sleep
I write down the message my mind repeats
Now that I’m no longer sleep
Which messages should I keep
As these thoughts deep
Why do she treat me like a creep
Is she a puzzle that I must complete
Is she only interested in our speech
I listen to words piece by piece
Is there a hidden message that people speak
What happened to happy endings
What happened to happily ever after?
Do the guy get the girl do the girl get the picket fence
Or is the hard core reality
Simply that
Fairy tail, don’t really exist
Will divided and conquer be the fall of the
Super power?
Will mischief supersede unity


I fly when I close my eye.
My dream are how I fly
So many went by
I was still a child in my mind
When I left my family behind
When my knowledge was blind
So many time
I ask the earth, why?
My message from the earth
Is, “Continue to try”.
So I tried
Returned to my dream
I continued to fly
I continued to try
I see the world
That I left behind
So many people tried
So many people died
So many people wonder
The reason why.

My Many Thoughts

Sometimes I should listen
Sometimes I should speak
The problem is
Getting them confused

I’m not crazy I live in a crazy world
I have to be a little crazy to adapt
To a crazy world

Not adapt as a part of
Adapt as survive through it all

Not crazy as loco crazy
Crazy enough to deal with the crazy
That I hear and see
And not let the crazy be a part of me

Who’s out there, is anybody there?
Can we go where I go
When my mind is at peace

How long will you look in the sky
For what only a microscope could see
Covid, Cancer, Ebola, aliens can’t you see
Something is wrong with the person that say
There is no racism in the US
Give that person none of your time

God the Creator let woman
Create life
Yet men reign King
God created woman, woman create life
What man create?
War, pain, destruction
That not a King
God spoke to Adam
Adam blamed Eve
Shouldn’t the blame fall on the King?

Man say Woman is cursed
But a woman’s body self clean.
if man do not cut of his skin
He must manually clean.

Lot’s daughters got him drunk
And gave him sons
Is this a case of Adam blame Eve?
Sometimes I should listen
Sometimes I should speak

The Spirit, the Vibe
What does it mean?

Beauty is Infinity

What’s in the pit of space
But what I see on TV
The dark Infinity
An abundant of galaxies
Bright sparking stars
Distance of no man’s reach
The ozone
Ring of invisible fire
Intersect between
That thee.
Spinning blue sky
Completeness beauty
Understand misunderstand
Shall we differ?
Humor is to beauty
As clear water is to the sea
The many types of beauty
Is as many as a galaxies’
Distance should reach
From high in the sky
Not even a falcon
Dare to fly.
As I open my eyes
There it is again
Beauty I see
Oak pine and palm trees
Swaying right below me
In the cloudy blue sky
Whether or not the bald eagle fly
Little tiny humming bird’s glide
As a caterpillar morph
Into a speckled wing butterfly
Indeed in the eye of the beholder
What is not beautiful to one
Is surely beautiful to some

An oozy emerald frog
Doesn’t need the approval of all
Among the heavens, the earths and the seas
The numerous forms of Beauty
Are as many as far a
Galaxy would reach.

Picture meditating

Picture meditating
At the bottom of the sea.
What would that sunrise look like?
I wish I could see the bottom of the sea
To see what it is the sea has to see
Would it be too dark to see in the sea
Would I see a new friend
At the bottom of the sea
Or would something in the sea
See me and want to eat
Is it noisy or quiet
At the bottom of the sea
How would I know if I do not go see
Who said it would be too cold
At the bottom of the sea
Who said I would crush
At the bottom of the sea
If I could go
To the bottom of the sea
Surely sea conditions
Would adapt to me, do you see?


The man that I wanted to be
Was born a generation after me.
The type of woman that would have
Understood me, was also born a generation after me.
There will never be a perfect world. There will never be a perfect person.
So it truly amazes to see two imperfect people in an imperfect world, find the perfect love in each other.
A family grows like an actual tree.
The branches and leaves symbolize various members of the family.
The root of the tree is the actual family.
A family needs love to exist with unity.
The understanding, the compassion,
Is like oxygen that a tree produces in order to create life.
Jacques Deon
I’ve been gone nearly all of your life. But your family values are so strong that you managed to become everything that I dreamed of becoming. It is I that look up to you my son.
When you brought my son back into my life, I knew then that you and Jacques was a perfect match. I will never understand a person who do not love their own, as they love them-self. All I wanted in life is to be a good father. So whoever is giving you away, has to share giving you away with me
You are my daughter now,

Anger and Bitterness is No Friend To You

When you’re mad at your path

Destiny does not care

Going from bad to worst

You have to care

No bully can force you

To shoot up a school

Don’t allow the pain within you

To turn you cruel

Why does one battle a video game

Which is wired to heal you


As life gets hard

One becomes cruel.

Indeed our destiny exists

It is our path we choose

Bitterness is the jewel of evilness

Attempting to conjure you

Let’s turn our frowns


Into a smile

Never become

The same evil that haunts you

Anger and bitterness

Is no friend to you

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