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A Voice Unheard

I cried so loud no one could hear.
High decibels with unreasonable fear.
No one heard, nor fostered my strife.
I was all alone detached from life.

I wished in a whisper, hear my pain.
But everyday my voice remained the same.
My voice was lost, which I could not find.
Silence enabled it to become blind.

I argued angrily every time I spoke.
A cry so loud a Rooster would choke.
If I could not talk who would listen.
Pain without sound, a content condition.

Angry at the world led to violence.
I understood not, the source of my silence.
Only thing I had was a choice.
To understand, but with no voice.

Those who came before me, voices unheard.
When they spoke, it was absurd.
Passed from one generation to the next.
Isolated in silence, they did their best.

I called on the unseen to hear my screams.
The response revealed a beautiful dream.
A dream that connected me to the past.
With self-realization, my pain began to pass.

Prayer is the purpose of being heard.
Because actions speak louder than words.
Silent voices have torn us apart.
Speak not with sound, but with your heart.

I Go Where The Wind Blows

I’ve manipulated the wind through navigation.
I’ve crossed the Atlantic with great anticipation.
I’ve destroyed lives and created disasters.
A vessel sent by an unknown master.

I’ve traveled from one shoreline to the next.
Unrelentless miles without any rest.
I’ve docked at international ports.
Bowels of cargo played a cruel sport.

One day another will follow my path.
An entity of God’s divine wrath.
Who said I was wrong or right.
I’ve traveled freely by sea, day and night.

A truth of a lie weighed in hand.
Removing people from their homeland.
For some time you’ve known of my existence.
Many stories told with great persistence.

Some people see me, some don’t.
Some people oppose me, some won’t.
Who am I when the water becomes warm.
I am mercy, turning reality into a storm.

Next time don’t wait for a news flash.
Head to higher learning, with a mad dash.
The water shall rise as it flows.
Remember which way the wind blows.

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