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To honor our mothers with effort and with our time, is to honor women everywhere.

My Mother’s sunset was a few days before her 72nd birthday.

The commercialization of Mother’s Day consists of purchasing a greeting card, flowers, or candy. Is this the way we really want to honor our mothers? We definitely want to show our mother our appreciation for taking care of us.

Why not make the card by hand, the way incarcerated people do? Why not grow the flowers like a gardener does?  Why not make the candy from scratch? These gestures take time and effort. But think about all the sacrifices our mothers made. I

n my opinion, true Mother’s Day fell on their child’s birthday. It is the day that, with the help of God, she gave us life. We should not let commercialization define how we express ourselves. Instead, we should say it with the heart.

I cannot draw, nor can I garden, and I definitely cannot make candy. But I can express how I feel in words.

The Sonnet

Moma you loved me from the start.

I never noticed negligence in your heart.

What you taught me, I only understand.

You survived raising a boy to a man.

Reminiscing about the love we shared.

Despite my troubled life, you still cared.

You held me in your embracing arms.

Teaching me with motherly charms.

I miss you so much I cannot explain.

Reliving those moments helps one maintain.

Your positive, protective, points of view.

A mother’s love for her son is nothing new.

From sunrise to your sunset, and all I do.

The love in my heart is forever for you.

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