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Clouds are beautiful in their many shapes and sizes, colors and purpose.
Clouds bring rain and generate life. They renew Mother Earth and all her growing creations. Clouds can bring positive and negative effects.
I have seen what clouds filled of rain, pushed by the winds can do to living beings and places, in the form of hurricanes, tornadoes and thunder clouds. What they can take from the people places or property.
Do we think it only takes from people?
What about all the harm it causes on Mother Earth?
And the impact we human beings have on her?
Land, trees, grasses, four legged, two legged, winged, crawling, swimming, unborn, newborn, and sacred places, and creation that the Creator placed on and within her eons.
Clouds bring different effects.
Some will say look at that cloud, it looks like….
Clouds are made up of some of the same materials and elements we are made of.
Other cultures have their own meanings.
In my culture, it’s in the Cloud Peoples, where the Thunder Beings dwell, that send for the Lightning and Gifts of Rain.
They cause the Three Sisters to grow, corn, beans and squash.
This is the way people of the land see rain from the clouds. And why we give thanks to the Creator, Turtle Island, our four directions and to say aho to all our relations. We are all connected to Mother Earth.
Most of all The Water Protector’s our Women Nations.
What will you see or feel the next time you look up at a Cloud?

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