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Before I was sent to prison, I did not have an education past the 10th grade.

Before I was sent to prison, I did not have an education past the 10th grade. 

I had a kind heart, plus I was book smart, but all I had done with most of my time was lie, steal, cheat and manipulate other individuals; mostly women! I wasn’t always like this; I gave true relationships a hard swing but I would come across lies, cheating, rumors and deceitful ways before making it to third base. Not wanting to get hurt again, I put up a brick wall to protect my heart and never wore my feelings on my sleeves. Even if she was a good girl, I’d find a way to exit the relationship.

I continued this type of behavior all the way to prison, using and abusing women’s minds for self gain! It took me years in the penitentiary to come to the realization that it was me that was broken and hurt; hurt people hurt other people in their lives! So I woke up one day, and said to myself, “I can be a better man if I become a better man!” the first thing I did was ask my Higher Power to forgive me. Next, I put myself in GED classes and got my GED. i was so happy, but something inside of me, [my Higher Power} said “you’re not done”.  I took college carpentry, and received an associates degree. Now I have a major in Carpentry, General study associates degree, cognitive intervention program certificate, a Voyager certificate, and a new outlook on life! I would love to tell all the people that I had done wrong and taken advantage of that I’m truly, truly sorry! But I have to start with myself and become a ture lighthouse so I can shine a light on lost ships that have been out to sea with life’s treacherous storms! Now, I truly know that I’m not broken, I’m just unfinished!

PS: I would like to thank Marcus  [Waco], Dujuan  [ATL] and Isaiah Murphy [twin 44 acres home RIP to your twin brother and mother.]

I would not have written my thoughts down or put them on display so they could pick it apart. I pray that my thoughts, my walk help at least one person get through their past and make better choices for a beautiful future!

“Peace be thy fragrance, redefinement compliments thy walk!”

By: Trouble Mindz

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