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October 4, 2020

Dear Diane & HOSQ:

Thank you for writing and mailing me the Humans of San Quentin call for submissions. Initially, I had no idea who sent the first information, then Juan told me about the organization (in a note sent to me). After that everything made more sense.

I’ve been out of the tent a little more than two months, and I’m still well. I’ve received positive feedback on the Mother Jones article. I’m still working on another longe COVID-19 story but can’t seem to find the time to write it as I have other demands placed on me. Not so long ago a television producer in New York wanted to interview me (by telephone) for a local show. I declined because, as I told Samantha of MJ, I’m not fond of interviews. I’m cautious about being exploited for a story, and it can be disastrous for an inmate.

Anyway, you’re welcome for the part in the MJ story about what I have in my cell. When I moved to the tent with my property, I spoke with an employee of Cobalt Equipment that set up the tents. I asked him if he…

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