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Dear HSQT:

I apologize for the lengthy delay in returning a response to you, which was a letter you sent on 5.9.21.  I have been busy trying to get law work completed.

I am glad that you wrote, providing me with detailed information about what you do. Thank you for your comments about the work I did with PJP. although they screen my work rigorously, I know it goes to helping me become a better writer.

Including with this letter, I have attached a short story of an experience that I have had, and continue to have, with the justice system here in Texas, and the things I have done to cope and fight the corruption.

Thank you for the opportunity for being able to express my thoughts and feelings about that topic.

Respect and Gratitude,


Unfortunately, in 2000 I lost a murder trail and was sentenced to Florida’s Death Row. I have served 16.5 years, living in a one man cell with a small fan, 13” color T.V., a desk, and two legal lockers. I had to buy the fan and T.V. While fighting to regain my liberty, God removed my father in 2005, and my mother in  2012. I felt like I was in the bible story of Job! I was not allowed to attend either funeral, and this made their passing that much more devastating, without closure. I went through a period of depression. However, I did not cut myself nor did I take any medication, as God was reshaping my spirit and heart. The path to “True Humanity” can be long and very difficult.

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