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The anger from my daughter’s passing led me down a path of destruction. To that end, my name means ‘to come into my chains, I will rise again.’ He told me that it wasn’t until I found myself living in these walls, that I would be able to quit my suffering. I would have to look at myself and realize that I can’t be mad at someone else for something I couldn’t control. I saw the direct and indirect effects of my actions on other people and I didn’t want my anger to control me. I hope you learn how to take control of your anger and rage. My self reflection gave me a deeper segway into myself. My artwork began after my self discovery. My art is the knowledge of the gift that God gives me. When I am painting it is as close to meditation and prayer as I can get. My first piece of art was a card that I sent to my mother as a Mother’s Day Gift. She asked where I got the artwork and I told her that I drew it. She said, “Do more of that!” and my art career was born. I’d like to give credit to my instructors and the guys in here. They were my educators. They taught me about how to see, and now I can’t unsee. Before I came to prison, I was a womanizer. So, there will probably be some women shocked to hear about the person I’ve become. To them, I apologize.

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