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When this tragedy happened to me
Hope was hard to come by,
It became hard to see.
Buried underground in darkness,
Despair consuming me
I scratched and clawed
At these cement walls
Trying to break free
Never getting anywhere.
I fell to my knees
My face in my hands,
Tears streaming down my cheeks
I prayed to my God for wisdom to see
Death came knocking on my door
Not once, not twice, but three-
Last meals three, last goodbyes three
Still I believe.
Then suddenly a blinding light
Grabs a hold of me
Shining down the tunnel for me to see
That there is finally hope that one day
I am going to be free
But will it be free the way I want it to be?
Or will I be with the heavenly?
I rode as I fast as I can
That light guiding me
Knowing it’s the only way
I will ever see what’s at the end for me
All my hopes, all my dreams
Choosing life, choosing to be free
Praying that’s my destiny.

“I’m an innocent man who has been on Oklahoma’s death row for 24 years for a crime I did not commit. My case has garnered international attention over those years”

Richard, 59
Incarcerated: 18 years
Housed: Oklahoma State Prison, OK.

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