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Battered by the waves of life of life
Can’t seem to stay above water
One storm after another
30 years of severe weather
Traumatized by past events
That left me feeling shame and lonely
As the world continues to spin
Dark clouds begin forming over me
Self-destructive I became
Causing my own suffering
In the ocean of pain and despair
I always seem to be falling
The eyes of my peers pass judgement
But they don’t know my story
If they only knew what’s hidden
The emotional scars I carry
But who will stop long enough
To try and understand
The deep wounds that life bestowed
Upon this broken man
My actions may seem senseless
Look hard enough and you might see
My soul crying, my spirit bleeding
Looking for a way to heal
Looking for something to capture my mind
Take it away from reality
Bring me high above the clouds
Drop me off inside a fantasy
An escape is all I want
From the guilt inside of me
What can fit inside this hole
So I can stop feeling empty
Searching for light inside my darkness
Only to be disappointed
To help my damaged soul
Love and patience is needed
But who will stop long enough
To try and understand
The deep wounds that life bestowed
Upon this broken man
For a long time I wondered
Dows anybody care
Or maybe it was me
Maybe I wasn’t being fair
Maybe I was rejecting their love
Pushing away their extended hands
Locking my heart inside a cage
So nobody could ever get in
If it open up and give them a chance
Maybe they’ll understand
Just maybe….
They’ll be able to help heal
This broken man


Eyes Of Hopelessness

You may not know me
But I seen you before:
Pain that goes so deep
Bringing long-lasting fog of sorrow.
I am sure that it is you
I have seen…
Nightmares instead of dreams.
You are a reminder
That I too can fall into that state.
If I’m not careful
You can ultimately become my fate.
I did my best to avoid you,
Somehow our paths once again crossed,
Making my anxiety rise…
My peace…
You seem to always be close by
Ready to take the oxygen out of my lungs,
Or do you want my heart
To sing you a sorrowful song.
My countenance always fall
When you are around.
In the sea of despair
You would like for me to drown
You are a possibility
To those that has fallen.
Some bend but don’t break,
Others bend, break, and become broken.
To the point of no return,
Where the last string of hope
Is forever gone.
My greatest fear
Is to one day look in the mirror
And see that I am also
In possession of you.
Eyes of hopelessness…
Something I hope
Will never be true.

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