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Together Beneath the Star Filled Sky

Midnight brings us together beneath the star filled
sky, in our hearts, in our minds, with our
spirits and in our love for one another, even
though we are miles apart.
When I look into the darkness of the sky, I see
your beautiful face amongst the brilliant
light of the stars smiling down upon me as if
to bestow upon me the warmth and gentleness
of your ever faithful and undying love
for me.
I look back and I smile but I still feel the
pain and loneliness deep within my heart
that being in love and being away from you
look into the sky amongst the
stars and you see my face, you’ll see the
tears that I shed, you’ll feel the pain and
emptiness that I feel and you’ll see my
smile and you might even see my fears.
But none of that matters if you don’t
see and feel the love that I have for you
deep in my heart
As each midnight come our way, look to
the midnight sky and always know that
I, too, will be looking and feeling your love
and closeness, and also know that I will
be watching over you with the eyes of my
love through the stars in the sky, now, and
until we are in one another’s presence and
exploring one another’s love.

Written 1995

Donald, 56

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