California State Prison Los Angeles County

Humans at this Location

  • Larry, 69

    I dressed in my blues, name tag on and greeted the one and only Kim Kardashian. As a member of the Reform Alliance, she wanted to show her sister Khloe, rapper Lil Baby, and friends, our dogs and trainers participating in the truly life-changing program offered here.
  • Antone, 28

    What I want you to take away - cherish you and your family’s life. Please enjoy the moments, because you never know when your moment will be your last. 
  • Armondo, 44

    It’s not easy to come to the point where you want to change your mindset. It can be a mentally painful process. I still have a lot of fine-tuning to do. It comes in increments, when it does, it feels good. My heart and mind feel nourished.
  • Dennis, 39

    “I learned a different way to communicate and worked on becoming the person others could come to for help. The person I always wished I had in my life when I was a boy. I strive to be better.”

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