Cummins Unit

Humans at this Location

  • Kyaleah, 26

    This experience has given me an entirely renewed outlook. The pessimistic person I once was, has been destroyed a thousand times over.
  • Derrick, 22

    I was locked up again during the birth and was not there to see my son come into the world. Ever since the day that I got out, I knew I had to provide for the little one.
  • Derrick, 22

    I went from stealing from my own family, to stealing from others, to car hopping, to breaking into people’s houses, taking what they worked so hard for, to robbing drug dealers and stores.
  • Detric, 25

    I was taken away from my mother by the Department of Human Services at the age of 11, due to an unstable foundation. It never stopped me from loving her.
  • Montreal, 52

    I got myself right with God, I help to steer the youth and everyone in the right direction. I tell them, no matter their past, they can change their futures.

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