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Humans at this Location

  • Robert, 66

    My dad, uncles and aunts were alcoholic, so I followed suit. My mother never drank but had mental issues.
  • Kristen, 27

    Being incarcerated has allowed me to learn my self worth and realize that I will never be content in love with anyone, good or bad, if I can't first love myself. Those who hurt me, I thank.
  • Christopher, 42

    Two of my favorite quotes are by John Lennon, in a song called “Beautiful Boy” he wrote for his son. He said “Life is just what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.
  • Calen, 40

    Escape seems inescapable. Now picture incarceration with an utterly broken heart. Lost Lover, Lost Freedom What do you miss most...
  • Richard, 55

    The path to “True Humanity” can be long and very difficult. Unfortunately, in 2000 I lost a murder trail and...

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