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Humans at this Location

  • Dale, 68

    If you had told me ten years earlier I would be a nurse maid to critters and birds, I would have laughed. I never thought I would get attached to a bird and I’ve loved every minute.
  • Jim “Fuzzy”, 65

    We know anything coming from a prisoner is unheard of, society only ever hears of negatives, never positive, but some behind bars are capable of empathy, remorse and lifting up others from despair.
  • Shawn, 53

    If I’m in this world and making a difference in a positive way, then I am honoring my gift.
  • Jeff, 53

    Over the past few years I’ve learned that my past is just that, but my future is what will define me. I may be in prison, but I live my life as an eagle soaring in the clouds - free. I refuse to let my incarceration define my reality.
  • Wayne, 44

    “Inmates may carry one piece of fruit out of the chow hall to consume at a later time. They may only have one piece of fruit in their possession at any time.”

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