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Humans at this Location

  • Michael, 44

    “I was a troubled kid and had experienced too much hurt and seen too many disappointments to give or receive love properly. Once I really found love, it would eventually lead to my incarceration.”
  • E, 42

    I’ve learned in prison that I was both emotionally and mentally off-balanced. Worse were the similarities between prison and my childhood.
  • Kareem, 44

    Not only did he die, but for several years I blamed him, embracing the false narrative that I was the victim, victimized by society, the system, the mothers of my children, and especially Mr. Sullivan (R.I.P.) who I perceived to be a threat.
  • Jonathan, 30

    Maybe I was a hateful person, but never more to others than I was to myself. I hated myself so much that I felt maybe prison was the only place I should be.

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