Sing Sing Correctional Facility

Humans at this Location

  • Michael, 44

    “I was a troubled kid and had experienced too much hurt and seen too many disappointments to give or receive love properly. Once I really found love, it would eventually lead to my incarceration.”
  • E, 42

    I’ve learned in prison that I was both emotionally and mentally off-balanced. Worse were the similarities between prison and my childhood.
  • Kareem, 44

    Not only did he die, but for several years I blamed him, embracing the false narrative that I was the victim, victimized by society, the system, the mothers of my children, and especially Mr. Sullivan (R.I.P.) who I perceived to be a threat.
  • Jonathan, 30

    Maybe I was a hateful person, but never more to others than I was to myself. I hated myself so much that I felt maybe prison was the only place I should be.
  • Albert “Joe”, 48

    I put out presents for my parents too with all three of our names on them. When everyone went to sleep that night, I set up the plastic tree with everyone’s presents underneath. My brothers woke up the next morning to their presents and I was the only one who didn’t have one. But that wasn’t true. My mother came out and my brothers thanked her. She looked at me and whispered “Thank you” and for me, that was my present, seeing everyone happy.

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