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Family and close friends call me “LP.” I was raised by God-fearing parents and a brother who instilled love in our lives. I love being about family and playing basketball and video games. I graduated high school and attended community college.

“I will always,

for the rest of my life,

regret the decision I made

on March 9, 2006.”


Despite being a good kid, I made poor decisions and hung around the wrong crowds just to feel accepted. I will always, for the rest of my life, regret the decision I made on March 9, 2006. That decision cost me my freedom and my loved ones, as well as disappointment. I have endured great hardships since my incarceration. I have lost both my parents, grandmother, aunt and uncle. I have had a couple of health scares, but God has other plans for me.

I can’t complain; I am blessed. I am also blessed to have my wife of 11 years by my side. We have been through ups and downs regarding my situation and my family, and she’s from California and lives there. Our marriage is a union under God as we continue to strengthen our bond and work on being together within society. Being incarcerated, I found that being productive keeps me sane within this hostile environment.

I have done many programs, but education is the outlet for me. I have an AA Degree from Cornell Prison Education Program. I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree at Mercy University. I have completed the Anger Treatment Program, Substance Abuse Treatment,  and Alcoholics Anonymous, and I am an active participant in the Family Reunion Program, where me and my wife can spend a couple of days together to strengthen our relationship and enjoy one another.

I am also currently working on preparing my paperwork for clemency. I look forward to and pray for the day I can reunite with my wife, family, and friends again on the outside. I keep this in my thoughts, which motivates me and gets me through my days. Before I part, I want to tell my peers to stay focused, keep God in their lives, be real, and get back to their loved ones.

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