Meet Marcus

In a moment of reflection, a time of solitude, I figured it out. All my life I was living a lie, a false sense of identity. Trying to be something that I wasn’t, instead of being someone that God intended for me to be.

Growing up as a youth in an urban community, I was exposed to the pressures of violence on the daily. It triggered a lifetime of struggle and I was left trying to discover my identity.

In the process of losing myself  for a split moment, the very moment that I was able to discover myself. And truly discover the meaning of life and the very existence of it. We as humans question things and often ask “Why me?” But! “Why not you?”

God has given everyone the ability of choice and just because you are born in an environment that is against you, doesn’t mean you have to accept fate. You can change your world if you first change your belief. 

I made the decision to take this path, but it doesn’t mean you have to make the same decisions and follow. God allows us to go through things so that we can be a light to others and share our stories  so that they don’t make the same errors.

Truly our purpose in this life is to be of service to one another. We should join the movement of the world and LOVE and RESPECT one another, while being  a light of LOVE and TRUTH. Just because you are in a pit of despair, doesn’t mean you have to accept fate.

You can always overcome, and that is the most beautiful thing about being human. We are conquerors.

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