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I can’t have you always giving me attitude

When all I have ever done is give you gratitude

I pour it all to you with every letter

And yet you never make me feel better

There’s no point in me writing all these poems

If all you do is cause me problems

Should I hide everything that I feel

That’s probably the best way to heal

Never have I been backed into a corner

Yet my heart won’t let me forget her.

Disappointment is something I don’t wanna embrace

But losing you is something I cannot face.

I need someone that won’t give me attitude

How else do you need me to show you gratitude

I won’t get on my knees, not gonna beg

I would rather shoot myself, lose a leg

Controlling my feelings, that’s what I lack

All I ever get from is talking smack

I need to quit flaunting my devotion

There’s no point to showing you my true emotion

All you cause is for me to break down

Taking me on a wild ride town through town

Gotta stick to my roots before I drown

I’m a Latino. Loud. Proud. And Brown.

Yes we have a little problem with attitude

Especially when all we do is give our gratitude

I don’t care about money, all this cash

All I ask is to not be treated like trash

I want to give you my body. Soul. and heart.

Yet you keep, slowly, tearing me apart.

Love made me blind to your deception

I lost myself, I wasn’t paying attention

There is so much of me I have to discover

I will not allow hate to take over

Love is for my body. For my inner being

Time to open my eyes look what I’m really seeing.

It’s time for me to give the attitude

But I can’t do it, I ain’t a cruel dude

It’s complicated for me -so no

Even when I know what I should do

My Heart is filled with love, not hate

I will stop leaving things up to fate

There’s no way that I’ll always be nice

Treat me with respect or pay the price

I won’t always be the best man

But…I will be the best that I can

I will rise always try to stay above

I will always be filled with a lot of love

Love for those that show me gratitude

Not to those that continue to give me attitude.

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