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I think it’s great that you guys have created this program. Writing is a healthy form of expression and it gives us the ability to use our time productively.

I have been incarcerated since 2007, when I was convicted to a life sentence. However, I’m a man of faith and through God’s mercy the laws have been changing. I hope to be free someday soon, so I can be reunited with my loved ones.

I’m truly remorseful for my previous actions that led me to prison. I do believe that prison is a place of rehabilitation if we allow it to be.

I’m currently a teacher’s aide and help my fellow prisoners achieve their high school diploma or G.E.D. I’m also taking college courses and am involved in various self-help classes.

I’ve even become self published; I’m the proud author of “Poetic Reflections from Within” and “Exiting The Dark”.

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