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Money, drugs, and power made me show restraint

It blinded me and kept me from taking that leap of faith

For years I felt my heart was in the wrong place

Like I built a new identity and the old one was erased

Years of suppressing who I truly was

Kept me from happiness and appreciating who I truly loved

When I was imprisoned I took it as a sign from above

The Holy One’s guidance truly went from push to shove

A clouded mind only shows rain and gloom

When people asked me when will I change, I told them soon

Really I meant never, I was so lost I couldn’t choose

I was so confused even lies became the truth

I was troubled but, does anyone really pay attention to the youth

They pass the blame on to society

But, I refuse to accept their excuse

I tell them it’s the same old story

Why don’t you come up with something new?

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