Meet Raul

I have seen men’s lives changed simply because someone believes in them, and is willing to invest their time and effort.

Prior to my incarceration, I worked as a pediatric phlebotomist and EMT. I always dreamt of becoming a paramedic.

While in San Quentin, we’re all trying to deal and cope with our own fears of this deadly pandemic.

Will I die as a result of Covid-19 – while no visits, no groups, no outside agencies/agencies are coming in? All alone? This haunts me.

Although I am no longer an EMT, I have still had the chance to help others during these hard times.

As an alcohol and drug counselor, I assist men in their struggle with addiction and their preparations for their board hearings. I hope to put them on a path of freedom towards recovery, and guide them towards rebuilding personal and professional relationships in their community.

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