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I entered into this world on 3-9-60 receiving lots of love and care, which I would love to share with another.

“Suppressive Politics & Love” 

Once again it’s Valentine’s Day, and loneliness is my only companion for the whole day. Being a prisoner at San Quentin doesn’t help; for the prison system promotes and supports a counter-culture atmosphere that takes a stand against any kind of growth and development towards human affection between a man and woman! 

The “R” in CDCR stands for rehabilitation; then isn’t the desire to establish a heartwarming connection with another lonely soul on Valentine’s Day rehabilitative? 

The prison administration doesn’t just make me cover my nose and mouth [with a mask] during this time, but my show of affection for the opposite sex as well! 5’8”, bald, dark and handsome for the mature woman who loves sweets!

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